Supernatural Character Dolls For Sale

It’s a new year, so about time to update the info about the Supernatural character dolls I’ve been making and selling.

My previous posts can be found here and here

I currently have this bunch of misfits for sale:


The guy on the right is not, strictly speaking, a Supernatural character, but he is kinda special. A few years ago, Jensen Ackles made a movie with his then future wife Danneel, called Ten Inch Hero – if you haven’t seen it, DO IT. It’s a cool, ‘feel good’ movie. Anyway, Jensen plays a guy called Priestly, who is AWESOME!, so of course he deserved his own doll. And, yes, that IS a blue mohawk, and a kilt, and facial/ear piercings. (I showed my Priestly to Jensen at VanCon last year and he loved it!)

I don’t take ‘orders’ as such. When I’ve made a few, I tweet about them. (Twitter handle @jillyrulz)

Meanwhile, if you want dolls, and I don’t currently have what you want, you can let me know, but be prepared to wait a while – I’m talking in terms of months here. A set of Sam & Dean dolls can take from 6 to 8 weeks, depending on what else I have happening in my life, and if I have a bunch of people waiting, well…..

If you didn’t click the link to my previous posts, here’s the buyers info:

Dolls are $60 USD EACH, plus $15 USD shipping

If you buy 2 (e.g. Sam and Dean – which is what most people seem to want) the price is $120 USD, plus $20 USD shipping  ($140 USD all up) Full amount ONLY.   NO installments.


I will let you know my PayPal details, and once the payment has gone through, I’ll put the doll/s in the mail.

If you have questions, or wish to purchase, please comment here:

or in the comments below, or

Tweet me @jillyrulz, or

Facebook  Jilly Winchester


The dolls are approximately 12- 13” tall.


Body – polyester/elastane jersey

Hair – acrylic yarn

Filling – polyester fiberfill

Clothing – cotton, polyester/cotton, cotton/elastane

Boots – polyester/cotton suede

If you think the price is excessive, I’d like to tell you that the faces alone take several hours to embroider, let alone the time spent on the hair and clothing. Each dolls is slightly different  – with handmade items like these it’s impossible to make them identical. 

Here’s what I was working on over my vacation:

Mary 'MFW' Winchester

Mary ‘MFW’ Winchester

She’s not for sale – at least not yet – maybe one day…..


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