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Vancouver 2013 aka A Whole Lot of Squeeing Going On

I know VanCon seems like a long time ago, but my mother passed away the week after we returned from Vancouver, so I’m a bit late getting this posted.

So many awesome things happened this trip, I decided to just bullet point the highlights. Sorry it’s still VERY long, but I’ve cut it down as much as I could. Feel free to ask questions in the comments if you want any extra information. Also, for pics of the locations mentioned, please see my previous post “Sam & Dean’s Adventures in Vancouver”

    Day 1

  • At downtown skytrain station, the couple we asked for directions were going to our station, then driving past our motel, & offered us a ride. We were already off to a great start!

    Day 2

  • Men of Letters bunker entrance. Very different from how it looks in the show. Also, the upper part of the bunker is in fact the bridge supports & looks nothing at all like it does on the show.DPP_0007_2136x1424_1068x712

  • Found Guy Bee directing a scene from The Tomorrow People. Crew didn’t seem to know what to make of us – maybe they didn’t think they’d have fans since they hadn’t aired yet? Later I tweeted that we’d seen them filming & Guy tweeted back saying “Why didn’t you come say hi?” I tweeted back that we were mindful of not making a nuisance of ourselves.

    Day 3

  • Supernatural Harlem Shake site, in what used to be a military wireless station, but is now a dog park. Paved roads, but no buildings. The crossroads is easy to spot – it’s the only one with a hole in the middle from the demon summoning. The red paint from the devil’s trap was mostly gone, but if you look closely you can see the outline. It was here we first decided to put the Sam & Dean dolls in all the photos.

  • Drove by the studio & took some pics outside.

    Day 4

  • 2400 motel which has featured in several episodes. Later we picked up Nicole (aka @AirbatMcFly) from the airport.

    Day 5

  • Moved from Langley, downtown to the Sheraton.

  • Went for a drink in the hotel bar & stumbled across Russ Hamilton, Jules (aka @Superwiki) & others.

  • Joined a very long line for con pre-registration. So many excited people!

    Day 6/Conday 1

  • Richard Speight Jr, Emily Perkins & Rob Benedict, Chad Lindberg, DJ Qualls– topped off by karaoke – with extra guests Jim Michaels, Ty Olsson & Seb Roche.

    Day 7/Conday 2

  • Walked into the ballroom lobby to find Jules chatting with Robbie Thompson – he recognized the dolls (I had tweeted him a pic) & I had an impromptu photo op with him. SQUEE!

  • DSCN0983-1_1500x2100_750x1050

  • Panels: Jim Michaels, Rob, Richard & Matt, Russ Hamilton, Mark P, Mark S & James Patrick Stuart, Felicia Day, Seb Roche, Misha.
  • We are so old & decrepit we gave the cocktail party a miss in favor of getting some sleep.

    Day 8/Conday 3/Jday

  • Breakfast panel with J2, followed by photo ops. Both Js liked the dolls. 

  • Rachel’s panel

  • J2 main panel – joined halfway through by Robert Singer.

  • Autos with Jared, Jensen, Robert Singer, Serge Ladouceur, Jerry Wanek, Kevin Parks

  • At Jared’s auto, Tom was sitting in his lap. Jared said, “Look Tom, it’s daddy!” SQUEE!

  • Ty’s panel.

    Day 9

  • Major dramas picking up our rental car. We met two rude Canadians in the space of a few minutes – & they worked for the same company.

  • Moved back out to Langley.

  • VFX crew meet up at Storm Crow Tavern, organized by Jules. Storm Crow is a treasure trove of all things nerd. The guys showed footage of the amazing work they do, & answered questions. We were given signed pics of the crew & VFX badges. Storm Crow gave us mugs, fridge magnets, & badges, & made Purple Nurples for us.

    Day 10

  • Returned to the MoL bunker entrance.

  • Found a Supernatural filming location. We’d missed the part where the boys & the Impala (Baby number 2) were outside filming, but we decided to stick around & chat with the crew for a while.

  • Kevin Parks came out to talk to the fans.

  • The Impala was still there & we were allowed to go right up to her & take pics, so long as we didn’t touch.DPP_0029-mug_2046x688_1023x344 DPP_0036-mug_2099x1259_1049x629 DPP_0037-mug_1842x1054_921x527 DPP_0038_2136x1424_1068x712 DPP_0042-1_2100x1500_1050x750 DPP_0050_2136x1424_1068x712

  • Jose Manzano came out & seemed surprised when we asked for a pic in front of the Impala. We told as many crew as we could that we’re interested in everyone involved, not just the actors.DPP_0051_2136x1424_1068x712
  • Then he asked if we’d like to see the giant slate & went into one of the trucks especially to get it for us. DPP_0054_2136x1424_1068x712
  • When it was dark we decided to leave & as we did, an SUV came out. Jared & Jensen were leaving & Jared got out to say goodnight. He remembered Ian from the con & gave him a high 5 before getting back in the car. SQUEE!
  • Day 11

  • Found another Supernatural filming location at a farmhouse, up a long driveway. We couldn’t see a lot, but decided to stay for a while.

  • Kevin Parks (who was directing the episode) came down in the little golf cart type thing they call “the Creeper”. He said he wanted to invite us onto the set, but was told he couldn’t due to liability issues (possibly to do with it being private property?) He thanked us for coming.

  • Fort Langley. Took some pics then ate at the diner.

    Day 12

  • It rained! It’s not supposed to rain when I’m in Vancouver! There’s rules about these things.

  • Back to the location to see what was happening. Stayed a while, chatting with the PA on traffic duty.

  • Mighty Moose Ice Cream in Chilliwack.

    Day 13

  • Returned to the location, determined to stay for the day.

  • Russ Hamilton, Kevin Parks, & Allan Ross all came to talk to us.

  • We saw the Impala arrive, (apparently Impala number 1) which made us decide we’d stay until she came back out.

  • Just after midday, an SUV came up the driveway & stopped. Jared got out, saying he had something for us. He’d brought peaches, grown by one of the crew, & he hoped there were enough for everyone. He thanked us for coming, & blew kisses as he left.

  • Later, Jensen wrapped too. He didn’t get out of the car, but it drove by slowly, so he could be sure to wave to everyone. Some of the fans left after that, but we waited for the Impala.

  • Kevin’s wife Jill arrived, walking Kuma down the driveway, to chat, & let us take photos of Kuma. Liz took one of me & Kuma with Sam & Dean.1278041_10151936243617174_1491631224_o-1_1500x2100

  • Jill must’ve told Kevin about the dolls & how we’d been taking pics of them at locations all over Vancouver, because a little while after she left us, Kevin came down in the Creeper saying – “Someone’s got some dolls they need a photo of?” This fangirl SQUEED!!! So now I have this fantastic pic of me, Kevin, Kuma, & Sam & Dean. (I just wish I’d thought to take off my hat – it was COLD out there!)Kevin Parks

  • When they began tearing down, we knew Baby wouldn’t be far away. At last she appeared at the top of the driveway, sitting there for a few minutes, before coming out. The driver stopped for a moment. I’d already put my camera away by then so I didn’t get pics, but that’s ok because I SAW THE IMPALA! The driver peeled out & she roared off up the road into the night. SQUEE!

    Day 14

  • Lunch at the HillTop Diner (where Sam & Dean met Adam in Jump the Shark.) Fabulous food – especially the pie.

  • Took a few pics at Riverview, but were asked by security not to take any more as it’s a current filming location (not Supernatural).

  • Back to Storm Crow Tavern for dinner & more purple nurples.

    Day 15

  • Brunch at Denny’s where we said goodbye to Liz & Kristen.

  • Shopping, then back to the hotel to pick up our luggage & head to the airport.

  • Fantastic trip. Great friends, amazing experiences, so much fun.

  • Doing it all again next year -WOOHOO!!

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