Sam & Dean’s Adventures in Vancouver

Sam & Dean visited Vancouver in August, 2013. They’d heard all about Supernatural conventions, Jared & Jensen, location hunting, and the SPN Family, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

DPP_0001 (2)_2136x1424_1068x712

Their first stop was the site of the Supernatural Harlem Shake. The paint from the devil’s trap was mostly gone, but you can still see it if you know what to look for. It’s also the only crossroads in the park with a hole from the demon summoning.


No visit to Vancouver is complete without a visit to the studio where the magic happens.


Next, the boys showed up at The 2400 motel, location of scenes from many Supernatural episodes.

Looks like they did some gardening while they were there.


The church that featured in Houses of the Holy.

It’s right across the road from the Sheraton Wall Centre – venue for the convention.

DPP_0025 (2)_2136x1424_1068x712

The boys were hungry. Subway sounded good, although Dean was adamant: “Leave off the rabbit food.”


Relaxing by the fountain outside the Sheraton’s North Tower.


The boys completely geeked out when they met Supernatural writer extraordinaire, Robbie Thompson.

Turns out, Robbie’s also a big fan of theirs.


Trying out Jared & Jensen’s seats for the panel.


Waiting impatiently for Jared & Jensen to arrive at the breakfast panel.

Table 6 was right near the front.


Sam & Dean loved Jared & Jensen so much, they got autos on their arms.


The Supernatural VFX crew & Jules from @Superwiki organized a meet up with fans after the convention.

It was held at the nerd-awesome Storm Crow Tavern, where they made Purple Nurples for everyone.


The entrance to the Men of Letters bunker looks way different when it’s not being used.

DPP_0017 (2)_2136x1424_1068x712

The boys experienced a little deja vu in Fort Langley.

“Dad said I might have to kill you, Sammy!”


Salad and bacon cheeseburgers at the diner in Fort Langley.


One of the most exciting things about being a Supernatural fan in Vancouver is the possibility of finding an episode being filmed.  Sam & Dean were lucky enough to find filming, and spent two and a half days outside the location.

Kevin Parks (who was directing) came to say welcome, and he would invite them onto set if he could, but there were liability issues. Cast and crew came by to chat and thank everyone for being there.

Sam & Dean directed traffic at the filming location.

Dean’s still an awesome PA.

Sam’s coming along nicely.

DPP_0018 (2)_1424x2136_712x1068

Location Manager, Russ “Moviegod” Hamilton manhandling the boys at the filming location.

After the pic they beat him up.


Being a fan is exhausting. Luckily the boys had lawn chairs to make themselves comfy.


Kevin Parks heard that the boys were outside & came to get a pic with them.

Kevin Parks

While the boys were watching Supernatural filming, Jared came by with peaches for the fans.

Dean’s not keen on peaches, but even he geeked out that Jared was so kind.

He was a little embarrassed though, when Jared blew kisses as he left.


IHOP for breakfast.


Mighty Moose Ice Cream – Chilliwack.


This sign proved to be endlessly amusing.


The HillTop Diner, where Sam & Dean first met their ghoul half-brother, Adam.

DPP_0018 (3)_2136x1424_1068x712

Dean raved for days about the pie.

DPP_0012 (2)_2136x1424_1068x712

A visit to Riverview, a location used many times in Supernatural.

It freaked the boys out, so we didn’t hang around.


One last evening at Storm Crow Tavern. Purple Nurples all round.


Judging by the multiple Sams, Dean may have had one Purple Nurple too many.


A whole bunch of Sam & Deans (cosplayers perhaps?) showed up (along with their friend, Floyd) for a last breakfast at Denny’s.

No one wanted to go home.


While Sam geeked out over the sculptures at YVR departures,

Dean hid in the back pack with a puke bag.

DPP_0008 (2)_1424x2136_712x1068Sam& Dean had such a great time they’re already planning a visit to Vancouver & VanCon in 2014.

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9 thoughts on “Sam & Dean’s Adventures in Vancouver

  1. Mickey

    This is beyond adorable! 🙂

  2. Jessica

    That was so cute and creative. I hope to meet the boys (planning a trip to VanCon 2014…which would be my first convention experience) next year!

  3. Liz

    I was at VanCon this year, and seeing these pictures brought it back. So cute and fun! 🙂

  4. goysu

    Where can I get my own Sam and Dean? Those guys are cute!

  5. Deb

    I was at Vancon also, but Sam & Dean’s story was just too adorable. I’m so jealous about the filming location. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Alex

    Fabulous journey. I’ll be on the look out for Sam & Dean at next year’s Vancon.

  7. sehrishahmed3

    this is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute and lovely.:) the brothers looked awesome in them,like they are really.:) great work guys! awesome pics and locations:)

  8. Great write up! It was so much fun hanging out with the boys… I can’t stop reading this 😀

    Is it August 2014 yet????

  9. Die Jungs sind so toll und machen auch als Puppen eine gute Figur. Gruß, Manuela.

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