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Supernatural Thanksgiving

Recently there seems to be an upsurge in the amount, and intensity, of the bitching that goes on around every aspect of Supernatural. I try to stay out of it, because I have a philosophy of focussing, as much as I can, on the positive. Does this mean I’m in love with EVERYTHING that happens on the show? Hell no, but it does mean I try not to dwell too much on those things I’d really rather they hadn’t done. Negativity feeds off negativity. Life’s hard enough without getting pissed off over what, let’s face it, bottom line, don’t be offended, but, what is, just a tv show. Albeit a pretty damn mind-blowingly awesome, amazing one. With U.S. Thanksgiving coming up, this is a good time to ponder reasons to be thankful for the best show on TV – Supernatural.

1. Kripke & Co. For creating it.

2. Sera & Co. For keeping it going (it has to be said – IMO not the BEST seasons in the show’s history, but it wasn’t cancelled, so…..) Plus there were some STELLAR episodes in there.

3. Carver & Co. For breathing new life into the show.

4. Jared & Jensen. Episode after episode they bring their A game. NEVER a hint from either of them that they give less than 100%. And they’re still HERE, 9 seasons later. And they’re HOT. Oops, did I just say that?

5. Crew. Work like a well-oiled machine (I’ve watched them several times now) whatever the weather, they’re there, doing their job. Nothing could happen without them, and they seem to love having the fans show appreciation for their work.

6. Writers. Whether you love or hate what they’ve done, these are the people who write the episodes. There could BE no show without them. It’s that simple. Plus, they gave us the Men of Letters bunker, which is an Aladdin’s cave of treasures, just waiting for the boys to uncover. 

7. Fan fiction. For those who believe they can write a better story than the show writers, a wonderful outlet to create those stories.

8. Social media – particularly Twitter. Allows us to interact with cast, crew and writers in a way that wouldn’t have been possible not too long ago. Timely reminder: these people don’t HAVE to interact with us. They CHOOSE to. Let’s remember that, next time we’re tempted to be disrespectful, or try to tell them how to do their job. Watching the show, while those who create it live tweet, adds so much to my appreciation.

9. Online friendships. This kinda goes with #8, but deserves its own slot. The relationships I’ve established online with other Supernatural fans, have turned into real life friendships. I’ve met many “live and in person”, at 3 Supernatural conventions, and planning for a 4th in 2014. These are people from all over the world, united through one thing: a TV show called Supernatural, and I would never otherwise have known they existed.

10. 10 seasons. Yes, I know, at this point we don’t know for certain there’ll be a 10th season. But oh my gosh, if they continue to do the unheard of – how many shows increase their ratings in their 9th season? I believe there will be a season 10. Hell, I’d be happy if they carried on after that, if we get the quality of season 9.

So. I’ve written this very quickly. Once I’ve thought about it some more, I guess there’ll be lots of other things about Supernatural to be thankful for. I just wanted to get this posted. It makes me sad when a fandom that calls itself “SPNFamily” wastes so much time and energy on whining, and forgets that we’re all here because of Supernatural: “the little show that could”, and does, and will continue to do.

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