It Was The Nineties, Sam!

This short fic was inspired by the promo clip for Supernatural 9.07 “Bad Boys”. It’s only my second, so please be kind. My first fic, “How Many” can be found here

Sam tossed his duffle in the Impala’s trunk and slid into the passenger seat.

So, where are we going … D-Dog?”

Dean indulged in a classic, patented Dean Winchester eye roll. Damn it! I just knew he wouldn’t leave that alone. Best way to deal with an annoying little brother? Ignore it.

I told you, Sam. The Catskills. Upstate New York. What more do you need?”

Ok, D-Dog. Don’t get your paws in a twist.”

Dean rolled his eyes again as he started the car. And ignored. Again.

The Impala roared out of the MoL garage and through the tunnel, and Dean experienced a rare moment of sheer pleasure as he turned to Sam and said, “I’m Batman!” accompanied by the shit-eating grin that rarely saw the light of day.

Sam chuckled, shaking his head. “So which are you? Batman or D-Dog?”

Really? Are you gonna do this all the way to New York?”

I think so.”

Banging his hand on Baby’s steering wheel, Dean turned to his brother. “Damn it Sam! It was the nineties ok? Everyone had a rap name.”

I didn’t.”

You were 12. And seriously uncool. Of course you didn’t have a rap name.”

Sam pulled out his phone, quickly typing something into it.

I don’t know Dean, what’s cool about D-Dog? I mean you could’ve been….” He peered at his phone and let out a big, hearty laugh that Dean hadn’t heard in…. forever. “…. Big D the Slim Pimp.”

Shut up, Sam! ”

By the way? Sam’s rap name is actually S Dogg. Mine is Slim Kid J. What’s yours?


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