Sam & Dean’s Adventures in Vancouver: 2014 Edition. Part 1/4

The boys began the trip with a 12 and a half hour flight from Auckland to Los Angeles.

As always, Dean hummed Metallica the whole way.

They stayed a night in LA in a lovely hotel  – way more comfortable than the boys are used to.

Dean made himself right at home.


While poor Sam was still sleeping with one hand on his gun (not a euphemism)


 Later they tracked down a Starbucks. Dean rolled his eyes at Sam’s grande vanilla latte (not half caf)


 Monday, the boys were a big hit with the locals in Solvang

DPP_0019-1_2136x1424_1068x712Sam: “Hey there Hansel!” Dean: “Shut up!”

Dean still has nightmares about lederhosen.


Olsens’ bakery, and the boys couldn’t decide what to get.

DPP_0010_2136x1424_1068x712In the end it was danish all round.

DPP_0011_2136x1424_1068x712Next stop was Piru, site of the bridge from Pilot.

Unfortunately it’s fenced off these days, and there were too many people around to jump the fence.

DPP_0020-1_1700x1133_850x566Also in Piru, the gas station from Pilot. The boys re-enacted the scene.

“Driver Picks the Music, Shotgun Shuts His Cakehole”


In the tiny town of Weed, Ca., Dean played “Where’s the Moose?”

Sam wasn’t amused.


The boys’ favourite place on the road to Vancouver was Crater Lake, Oregon.


Dean was disappointed, they never did get to see a bear.

DPP_0031-1_2136x1424_1068x712Elmer’s Restaurant, Grant’s Pass, Oregon.

Sam: “You are NOT having pie for breakfast!” Dean: *puppy eyes* Sam:”Oh alright then.”



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