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Supernatural Dolls for Sale



Based on demand, I may make more in the future. Will let y’all know if I do.

Thanks for the support.


I first made my Sam & Dean dolls because I looked online at what was available, and some were, to be honest, downright ugly. I was pretty sure I could do better.

DPP_0005_2136x1424_1068x712You can read my blog post about the making of those first dolls here

I often stage photos of Sam & Dean chilling out in the bunker and post them on Twitter, just for the hell of it.








I made a set of dolls each for my friends at VanCon 2013, but discovered that the original dolls (being 16 inches tall) took up a LOT of space in my luggage. I made a Cas and a Crowley for VanCon 2014, but scaled down the pattern. (They are 12 inches tall)

At that point, there was no Crowley Funko Pop Vinyl, so I made an extra Crowley and gave it to Mark Sheppard. He took it and said “Thank you my darling, I love it.” SQUEE!!!

Several of my Deangirl friends now have a smaller Dean in their possession.

Many times at cons and on Twitter, people have asked me if I sell my dolls. I have always said “no”, because I felt that making them for money would take the fun out of it.

(Making them for money DOES take the fun out of it, which is why these will probably be the only ones I will ever sell.) (Probably.) (Maybe.) (We’ll see.)

This year is a very special one for me: I’m going to DallasCon for the first time. Add to that, it’s the boys’ 50th Creation Con appearance, JDay being the 10th anniversary of The Pilot airing, and Jared’s (and now Jensen’s) #AlwaysKeepFighting campaign, I want to bid on a Meet & Greet with Jared. The only way I could hope to afford to do it, is to sell some of my dolls.


DPP_0002_1424x2136_712x1068-1 DPP_0003_1424x2136_712x1068-1





$60USD each, plus $10 – $15USD each, postage & packaging (depending on where you live – shipping from New Zealand)  PAYPAL ONLY. 

If you want to purchase, please either:

Comment here,

or in the comments below, or

Tweet me @jillyrulz, or

Facebook message me Jilly Winchester

and we will work it out from there.

If you think the price is excessive, I’d like to tell you that the faces alone take several hours to embroider, let alone the time spent on the hair and clothing. Each doll is slightly different – with handmade items like these it is impossible to make them identical.


Bodies: polyester jersey

Boots: polysester/cotton suede

Hair: acrylic yarn

Clothing: cotton, polyester/cotton, cotton/elastane

Filling: polyester fiberfill

The dolls are 12 inches tall.

When the doll arrives, it will likely be a little squashed. All that’s required is a little (gentle) squishing back into shape. The hair may need a little tidying.

PLEASE NOTE: These dolls are NOT meant as toys. They are collector’s items  and will not withstand rough treatment. Having said that, mine have survived being stuffed into a backpack (many times) and have been subjected to being forcibly posed in many positions – not to mention being strangled by Russ Hamilton (Supernatural Locations Manager)


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