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Sam & Dean’s Adventures in Vancouver: 2014 Edition. Part 2/4

PLEASE NOTE: I haven’t watermarked any photos apart from the Js. If you use any of the pics from here I expect the courtesy of a credit.

The boys rolled into Vancouver on Thursday morning.

Walking toward the lobby of the Sheraton, I was grabbed by the arm. I turned, ready to thump someone, but it turned out to be the famous Russ Hamilton, who gave me an enormous hug. Which I returned.

Sam & Dean weren’t happy about that – having been squished in the middle.

Dean: “Quit the chick flick moments!”

Sam: “Watch the shoulder!”

Our room wasn’t ready, which allowed time for the standard “awkward family photo” in the lobby.

Things got a little heated, so Sam & Dean sneaked out and found a Starbucks.

Dean’s coffee: black, no sugar. Sam’s coffee: Half caf, double vanilla latte.

I don’t think they even noticed Crowley’s photo bomb.


We finally got to meet our dear friend Elizabeth (aka @CleverlyLemon) Everyone was so excited we (sadly) forgot to take pics.

Later that evening the boys joined the queue for Gold pre-registration.

The wait was long, but the boys had fun charming all the fangirls.



Friday morning kicked off with a Meet & Greet with Osric Chau & Lauren Tom.

The boys had a great time – they got to sit next to Osric, who was happy to see them, although a little wary of Sam – whose shoulder was still kinda sore from “that” encounter in Rome.

 Lauren was in character as Mama Tran, telling Osric off for being dirty and untidy.


Right after that, the boys had their Meet & Greet with Adam Rose and Gil McKinney.

They sat next to Adam, who was experiencing his very first M&G.



As always Richard Speight Jr was our host for the weekend.

The boys had a great view right up Richard’s nose.


First up was the incredible Rob Benedict.

DPP_0028_2136x1424_1068x712Lauren Tom & Osric Chau

Adam Glass,, Dan Payne & Chad Rook.

These guys were so funny together. Most unexpectedly awesome panel we’ve seen.


Gil McKinney


The autograph lines were long (as always) but lots of fun.

The boys were exhausted after all that.


Sam & Dean gave karaoke a miss in favour of an early night.

(It was for the best. They would have caused a riot  if they’d showed up)


A full day – as is every day at a Supernatural convention.


For some reason our host was MIA.

Tahmoh Penikett


At the end of Tahmoh’s panel, Richard finally decided to show up.


Osric Chau & Gil McKinney



Richard Speight Jr, Matt Cohen & Rob Benedict


DPP_0138_2136x1424_1068x712DPP_0145_2136x1424_1068x712Mark Sheppard

DPP_0196_1424x2136_712x1068The Production panel was something of a first.

Adam Glass, Writer/Exec. Producer; Jim Michaels, Exec. Producer;

Russ Hamilton, Locations Manager;  Kevin Parks, 1st A.D./Director



The last panel of the day was Misha Collins

Sam & Dean attended all the panels, but this year I managed to avoid having them photo bomb all my ops.

One of the highlights of Saturday was getting autos with the production people.

We had the photo book from last year’s adventures for them to sign.

See last year’s post: Sam & Dean’s Adventures in Vancouver to see some of the pics from the book.

Jim Michaels signed last year’s photo op for us. He had a flick through the book and commented that he didn’t know who “those two are”.

(It was my photo ops with Jared & Jensen from last year)

Kevin & Jill Parks both remembered us and Kevin talked a little about the Bad Boys location.

Jill gave us a Kuma auto stamp to go with the photo of us & Kuma in the book.

Adam Glass loved the book, but he loved the dolls more – he took a pic and posted a tweet.

Russ of course remembered us – including the pic of him strangling Sam & Dean at last years’ Bad Boys location.



One of the main reasons we come to VanCon is to see Jared & Jensen.

J2 Gold




Jensen joining Twitter (especially in the middle of a con) was so unexpected (although there had been hints prior that his attitude was softening)

Everyone was so happy. (Yes, Sam & Dean & I are in that pic)



Those boys make my heart so very happy!

Then it was off to photo ops. Sam & Dean let me have the boys all to myself this year.

Alaina Huffman & Mark Sheppard did a panel together, which was awesome. We decided to take a break from the camera, so no pics, sadly.






At the end of the panel, J2 gave a demonstration of “The Creasser” – poking fun at their good friend and camera operator, Brad Creasser.

It was Brad’s birthday, so they brought him onstage to sing Happy Birthday.

After the panel it was time for more photo ops.

My friend Elizabeth split a “Star Quad” (Jared, Jensen, Mark, & Misha) op with me, which turned out FABULOUS, and which I will always remember for the fact that

a) Jared tried to strangle me, and

b) I yelled at him:

“JARED, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Followed by desperate tugging on the arm he had around my throat. “CAN’T BREATHE!”

Jared: “Oh, I thought we were fighting”

Autos with the Js went as it usually does i.e. me mumbling something incoherent and kicking myself after ward.

All in all, VanCon 2014 was just a awesome as last year. And the year before. Can’t wait to see what next year brings.

This is post 2 of 4.

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