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Sam & Dean for sale. Updated post.

It’s been a while since I updated my blog – these days my brain seems permanently stuck in twitter mode i.e. I can only write in 140 character chunks. Anyway, I thought it was time to re do my post about the Supernatural dolls I make and sell.

My previous post is here Supernatural Dolls for Sale

For anyone who’s interested, I did get my Jared meet and greet at DallasCon 2015, thanks to those lovely people who bought dolls. FYI, I was the only one in the room who did not say a word to Jared, just sat there (possibly drooling a little) staring and being an idiot. But the main thing was, I had a fantastic time in there, so who cares whether I had a question for the man, right? And I could listen to either Jared or Jensen read the phone book, and I’d be happy, so….

Anyhow, I’m still making my dolls. Turns out it’s addictive (much like Supernatural).



I don’t take “orders” as such. When I’ve made a few, I tweet about them. (Twitter handle @jillyrulz)

Meanwhile, if you want dolls, you can let me know, but be prepared to wait a while – I’m talking in terms of months here. A set of Sam & Dean dolls can take from 6 to 8 weeks, (depending on what else is happening in my life) and if I have a bunch of people waiting, well…..



I currently only offer Sam & Dean. I will only make Crowley and Cas in response to direct requests – I have my hands full (that’s what she said) with Sam & Dean.



I’m also intending to make some Priestly (Jensen in Ten Inch Hero – go watch it now if you haven’t seen it) dolls for sale after I return from VanCon 2016 in August. More news about that as it happens. 

If you didn’t click the link to my previous post, here’s the buyers info:

Dolls are $60 USD each, plus $15 USD postage & packaging

If you buy 2 (e.g. Sam and Dean – which is what most people seem to want) the price is $120 USD, plus $20 USD postage & packaging. ($140 USD all up)


I will let you know my PayPal details, and once the payment has gone through, I’ll put the dolls in the mail.

If you have questions, or wish to purchase, please comment here

or in the comments below, or

Tweet me @jillyrulz, or

Facebook message me Jilly Winchester




The dolls are approximately 12” tall.


Body – polyester/elastane jersey

Hair – acrylic yarn

Filling – polyester fiberfill

Clothing – cotton, polyester/cotton, cotton/elastane

Boots – polyester/cotton suede

If you think the price is excessive, I’d like to tell you that the faces alone take several hours to embroider, let alone the time spent on the hair and clothing. Each doll is slightly different – with handmade items like these it is impossible to make them identical.

PLEASE NOTE: These dolls are NOT meant as toys, they are collector’s items and will not withstand rough treatment. Having said that, mine have survived being stuffed into a backpack (many times) and have been subjected to being forcibly posed in many positions – not to mention being strangled by Russ Hamilton (Supernatural Locations Manager)

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